I contain multitudes

Teacher, rhetoric scholar and critic, mother, total nerd fangirl, wife, feminist (and proud of it), chronic pain sufferer, fat girl (and not ashamed to say that, either), Mid Western American, adoptee, bisexual in a monogamous marriage to a man, middle-aged white woman, and a whole bunch of other things. The stuff listed is the stuff I am most likely to post on. I haven’t posted a whole lot here yet, but I hope to change that over this summer (2015). I consider this a place for significant (if not always serious) essays, and those take time and prompting. I will occasionally repost edited content from my Dreamwidth/Livejournal accounts. I have a tumblr but don’t use it, because I really cannot get my head around the system. I welcome comments of most sorts (if all you want to do is insult someone, make your own blog). I prefer that comments have SOME identification; not necessarily your real name, but something that means YOU. You can include it in the post if you’re anonymous. I screen comments, but let most through.

Questions? Feel free to ask.


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